Building Consistency

Building Consistency


What is the key to becoming a better player faster? Well that's a tricky question, you can always be a better putter, you can always find a part of your game to shave strokes, but in reality getting better at golf is hard. You hit plateaus that you just can’t overcome, you hit barriers, the time commitment to get better by shaving strokes from parts of your game, doing that to go from 120 to 75 is tough and takes forever. You grind on the range for hours and hours and hours, and don’t seem to get any better. You go out one day and shoot 105, the next you shoot 110, the next you might get lucky and shoot 100, you are all over the place, and can’t get to that great next milestone. At least that’s how it used to be. Golf training has obviously gotten a little easier as you add technology, but so far no tech really molds to your game, until the CTRL Swing Master came along. Golf training, and getting better is such a grind session. You grind your teeth, hit hundreds of balls, and don’t ever move the needle, but it doesn’t have to be that way any more.


The Process

Decided to purchase?

Picture this if you will, you have finally been convinced to purchase a CTRL Swing Master, I mean really what is holding you back? For the price of a driver we will help you hit it longer straighter, and more importantly make you a better and more consistent player. Hell, we have an improvement in 90 days guarantee or your full money back! It isn’t some fake money back guarantee where if you take it out of the box the money back is void like another wearable golf technology company… Take the leap with me, let's get you better at golf.

CTRL Swing Master has Arrived!

You took the leap, you purchased, now it's time to get set up. Setting up the CTRL Swing Master is a simple process, you go ahead and charge the sensors, it's easy, plug in the cord, attach it to the base, and let your sensors magnetilock into the base to start the charging process. The sensors will be fully charged within an hour and they should last 12 hours of practice time. While your sensors are charging, go ahead and download and log into the CTRL Golf App. Once your sensors are charged, double tap them to wake them up (if the L.E.D. is off) and then tap pair new sensors. One of the sensors will connect, then pair another sensor to the app so that you have two sensors paired! You can name these sensors if you want. Make sure the firmware is correct, then hit the little golfer logo on the bottom navigation bar, and create a new model. Select your club, mode, and ball flight, then enter the session!

Once you enter the session you hit balls and tell the app where it went. Based on how well you hit it and if it went where you wanted, it will count as a good shot. Once you have ten good shots you exit the session and enter a training session.

Training sessions are where the magic happens. Enter training and start taking swings and receive feedback on your swing. We track what your ideal swing looks like, and help you to take that swing every single time. We give feedback like slow down your backswing, or speed it up based on your ideal swing. We provide feedback on tempo, clubface and club path. It sounds complicated but I promise it isn’t! We just tell you to open or close your clubface, or to swing more in to out or out to in, all of it based on your ideal swing.

We keep talking about and focusing on hitting your ideal swing, but why focus on your ideal swing instead of trying to swing like X pro? Well it’s pretty simple, one of the worst things you can do is blindly try to imitate someone else's swing. You don’t know what their body is going through and you just can’t see all the minute details over video. Instead the best thing you can do is make your swing way more consistent, and that is what we help you do.

Why Tempo, Club Face, and Club Path?

To put it simply, these three things are the bread and butter of your swing. Clubface and path determines what the ball is going to do, and tempo holds it all together. In my opinion tempo is the most important part of the golf swing. If you have the same tempo every time you take a swing you are going to be a better, more consistent player. Then with path and face, face sends it path bends it. What that means is that the clubface determines where the ball is going to start, and the path determines how it is going to fly. Again, face sends it, path bends it. If you have the same tempo, path, and face every time you swing, the ball is going to do the exact same thing every time, it will land in the same spot, every single time. (Assuming centeredness of contact. Which tempo helps a lot.) This is why tempo, clubface, and club path are so important to having a more consistent golf swing. We even provide a metronome to help you keep your perfect tempo every time you take the swing. I’ll say that again! OUR METRONOME IS SET TO YOUR PERFECT TEMPO! You know how easy it is to get into your rhythm when you have a metronome set to it?


Now that you are going in and out of sessions with different clubs, you are going to need to take a look at the stats page. Simply put the stats page tells you what to work on next. Stop going to the range and aimlessly hitting through your bag, give yourself a goal every time you practice! We can help with that too! We will show you in your stats page your consistency level with each club, we tell you what is hurting your consistency, is it tempo ratio, downswing time, backswing time, clubface, or club path. Take a look in your stats and see what club, and what feedback you need to work on next. Give yourself a consistency goal and strive to hit that during your range session. This is how tour pros practice. They pick out something they need to work on, whether it is a certain shot, with a certain club, and they grind it until they are confident in it. You want to get better faster, our stats page is the guide that you need. It's just like weight loss, you may not feel any different but you take a before picture and an after picture that you can compare, and you compare them to see how far you are coming. Our stat page is how you see your golf journey progress.

Why Consistency?

Why have we chosen to harp so much on consistency? Does it really matter that much? Well yeah it does. If you are a consistent player, you win more money, you play to your handicap on the course, except you beat it because you are constantly working and getting better. Consistency is everything in golf. The consistently great players make the most money, the ones that aren’t consistent don’t make it. If you want to be a better golfer every day of the week, consistency is the only place to focus. Tempo, clubface, and club path are the focus points. Don’t focus on hitting the ball further, focus on being more consistent.


Building Consistency

So after everything we have discussed, can you honestly say that the CTRL Swing Master is not the fastest, best way to build consistency? I’m not even embellishing here and pointing towards our beta testers. Jeff Ramirez for one, after a month of using the CTRL Swing Master went from shooting 120 to 105 being a bad round, and breaking 100 for the first time. So next time you hit a block and you just can’t get past that hurdle, remember the CTRL Swing Master will get you there. We are so confident in our training aid that we have ADDED A 90 DAY IMPROVEMENT GUARANTEE! If you haven’t improved within 90 days of using the device, you just aren’t trying, and we will give you every cent back. That is how confident we are in our CTRL Swing Master.



What the heck are you waiting for? Did you actually make it this far and not purchase it already? What do you have to lose? Well, okay you can lose strokes off your handicap, but that's a great thing! You can lose that bad shot that kills your round, but again, that's a good thing. Go get it, become a better player today. Guaranteed.

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