Top 5 Cigars to Smoke While Playing Golf

Top 5 Cigars to Smoke While Playing Golf

One of the things I like to partake in when I’m on the golf course is smoking cigars! It's really a perfect spot to be smoking cigars. Out in nature, it gives you something to enjoy and focus on while you are riding in the cart or sitting in the cart waiting to hit your next shot. So what makes a good cigar to smoke while you are on the golf course? Well, the most important things are price, ability to stay lit, how long the smoke will last, taste, and how smooth it is. So the price needs to be low; you don’t want to be smoking a $20 cigar on the golf course; it just doesn’t work. If you lose it, you’re pissed, if it gets stepped on, you’re pissed, and you really just won’t enjoy the more luxurious higher-end cigars while you are focused on other things. Next is the ability to stay lit; nothing is worse than having to relight cigars every 5 minutes because they go out on you. How long the smoke will last is really important, sometimes you want a cigar to last a while, and sometimes you want it to be a short smoke because there aren't very many holes left to play, so we will have some full smokes, and some short smokes on here. Taste and smoothness are obviously very important, and I don’t need to explain why, but there will be a dessert cigar on the list for people who like to smoke something sweeter.


5. La Estrella Cubana Connecticut

La Estrella Cubana Connecticut


The La Estrella Cubana is simply put, simple and cheap. It's a good enough quality cigar that you can smoke it on the golf course, offer it to a friend, hell, hand it out to your foursome; it's dirt cheap. For a box of 20, it's only $60. It's hard to beat how tasty this cigar is while playing golf and near impossible for the price. It's smooth, easy to smoke, and very mild. It doesn’t seem to go out unless you go an entire hole without puffing on it, which is pretty good for a golf course cigar. I 100% recommend it for any occasion.


4. Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne

Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne

This is a neat and easy-to-smoke cigar handmade in Nicaragua. These cigars feature a silky Connecticut-seed wrapper with a rich, flavorful blend of all-Nicaraguan long-fillers. It's a medium-bodied cigar that supplies you with several holes of a great buzz to help you get through your round. This box runs $206.95 for a box of 25.

3. Arturo Fuente The Hemmingway Short Story

Arturo Fuente The Hemmingway Short Story

In literacy, nothing hits quite like a Hemmingway Short Story; the same can be said for cigars; the Arturo Fuente Hemmingway Short Story is an incredible cigar, medium to full-bodied and smooth as anything you will smoke. This cigar is only about 4 inches in length and only runs about 15 to 30 minutes per smoke, but you certainly won’t regret it. I usually smoke these cigars if they are available to me as soon as I can, but they are great for after the round too! It's a fantastic smoke and one of the most expensive on this list that you will find.


2. Baccarat


The Baccarat is always a safe bet. Get it? Yeah, the Baccarat is one of my favorites, go-to cigars on and off the golf course. You can buy a box of 25 Candela Churchill sizes for $100. It's really tough to beat a $4 cigar that you can smoke all day, every day. Its secret is the Havana-seed Honduran long-fillers mixed with a beautiful Mexican binder, and its slightly sweet coffee taste comes through each puff. It's an incredibly light smoke that just keeps me coming back. The Baccarat always has a spot in my golf bag humidor because I know what I’m getting, and I don’t feel like I’m handing out cash when a friend asks to smoke one. I hand it to them, knowing it was only a few bucks; who cares, and they are wowed by it. It's just such an easy and fun smoke that goes by without a hitch on the course. If you haven’t smoked one, go find a cigar shop and buy yourself a box. You can find them in pretty much any cigar shop anywhere in the world, and you are going to simply love them.


1. Alec Bradley Project 40

Alec Bradley Project 40

The number one spot on my list goes to the Alec Bradley Project 40. The project 40 idea is based on the concept that 50% of your happiness comes from genetics, 10% is based on circumstance, and the remaining 40% all depends on your outlook and mindset. The goal is to find how a product can positively impact your mind and body and improve your happiness and comfort overall. Seeing as smoking cigars is a relaxing activity that brings people together and helps create a sense of comfort and mental well-being, it's only natural that they make a cigar about it. We could ALL use a little comfort and mental well-being while you are playing golf. If not with Cigars, try the CTRL Swing Master, bottom line, you’ll shoot better scores. But if you are going to do it with a Cigar, this is the one for you. Its draped in a Nicaraguan wrapper leaf concealing a Brazilian Habano binder stuffed with Nicaraguan fillers, and it gives a smooth blend of cedar, nuts, and spice that will boost your mood. But, don’t just trust me. Project 40 has earned an impressive 93-point rating for its effortless draw and smooth smoke. It is a medium-bodied smoke from a darker cigar that will leave you ready for another. The best part is they are pretty cheap for such a fantastic cigar, only running $140 for a box of 24; that's a deal I can take all day, every day.


Golf is a very frustrating sport. Sometimes you just need something to help calm you down, relax your mind and let you play better. Your cigar may not have been on this list, but that doesn’t make it bad; everyone has a different taste, just like everyone has their own unique ideal swing. For help with the swing, I’ll recommend the CTRL Swing Master Training aid, otherwise, give these cigars a puff and let us know how you like it!

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