Top 5 Drinks for Golf

Top 5 Drinks for Golf

Everyone has their own favorite golf drinks. Most of us (who are old enough) tend to partake in drinking at least some of the times that they go out and play golf. I’ll definitely have a couple of drinks as I play golf. We all have that one friend that has WAAAAAAY too much to drink while everyone else has one or two. Some of us even play drinking games while on the golf course instead of playing for cash. Whether you play for a shot a hole, or play where everyone has to drink a beer every hole (I don’t recommend that one.) I enjoy a nice cold beer, sometimes a few, sometimes a few, of something stronger while I play. I think it mellows me out when I play and I play a little better golf because I’m thinking a lot less. So what are my favorite drinks to have while I play golf? 


Let's start with the easiest golf beverage, an ice cold beer. Nothing is better than an ice cold Coors Light when playing golf on a warm, even scorching afternoon. Beer is everything you want while playing golf, cold, refreshing, and easy. Just grab a can, crack it open. If you listen carefully, you can hear the pearly gates open when you pop it and drink. What could be better than the ease of use of beer? Just get a cooler full of beer, pour ice on top, and you are set for the front nine. Whether you like a Miller Lite, something a little darker, a Mich Ultra, or like me the silver bullet, you know when the mountains are blue you are good to go! 

The Mary Special 

This one is special to me. Mary is the Cart Girl out at Timarron Country Club and has been for as long as I have been playing out there. She is an amazing cart girl, a great bartender, knows how to make a great drink, and you see her about 6 times a round, which means you have ample opportunity to stock up. Mary’s specialty is a morning tequila drink. She shaped it a little bit after a tequila sunrise, but it is sooooo much better than that. It's simple too: fill a cup with ice, tequila and the Tropical Red Bull. (The yellow can) The great part about the Mary Special is that you can add a large amount of tequila and it still tastes amazing! I have taken a 32 oz Yeti, put ice in, poured the 8 oz Red Bull, and then filled the rest with tequila and you can’t even taste it. Now, if you are curious, my favorite tequila is the Riazul Anejo Tequila. It's a superb tequila. If you are in a tight spot and you can’t get the Tropical Red Bull, you can make this using tequila, normal Red Bull, orange juice and grapefruit juice and it gets pretty close as well though I do prefer my Tropical Red Bull mix.

The Vodka Reset

The Vodka Reset is another special drink. My good friend Brian Gill calls his drink of choice The Vodka Reset. How he does it is if he is playing poorly and needs to forget the last hole or two he orders The Vodka Reset. The Vodka Reset is typically just a Vodka Gatorade. You have to rehydrate as you dehydrate with a Vodka Gatorade. This one is simple, easy, and it makes sense. Any flavor Gatorade should work, though I prefer the Lemon-Lime Gatorade for a Vodka Reset, to each their own. It is just a nice easy and refreshing drink that you could even sneak in if you were in such a situation where you had to! Brian Gill used to take a shot of vodka and then do the Vodka Gatorade and that was his Vodka Reset. I remember the first time he did The Vodka Reset with me, he was playing terribly, finished the front nine shooting 45, turned to the back, hit The Vodka Reset and shot 38 on the front. I don’t know what kind of voodoo magic was in that vodka but when Bgizzle goes that low, there's some kind of dark magic that is happening. 

Punch Out Peach

The Punch Out Peach is a newer drink that my dad set me onto, but it is pretty particular. It only makes this list because of how dang good it is. It's spiced rum, and then some tea from HteaO. You get the Sweet Blueberry Green tea and the Sweet Georgia Peach Tea from HteaO and you mix them together half and half, add the spiced rum and you have an incredible, refreshing beverage that is delicious! 

The Jack Hammer

The Jack Hammer is the Bluejack National specialty drink. They do a frozen and a non-frozen variety. It is without a doubt one of the best golf drinks out there because it is sneaky. It hits you hard and fast out of nowhere. I was lucky enough to play Bluejack fairly often when I was in college. In fact, one of my few sub-70 rounds is out at Bluejack. I shot a sweet 68 that should have been 64 without three putting four different times. Bluejack is without a doubt a special place and The Jack Hammer is its perfect specialty drink. The Jack Hammer is a grapefruit vodka, you can use any grapefruit vodka, though I prefer it with a grapefruit infused vodka it is just as good with Ruby Red Grapefruit vodka it's just a little weaker that way. Once the vodka is in, you fill it almost the rest of the way with white cranberry juice, then a splash of 7 up (sprite will do in a pinch). The Frozen Jack Hammer is all of that, plus Everclear and in slushy form. The Frozen Jack Hammer hits you out of nowhere, like a train. 3 of those and I was speaking cursive out of nowhere. 

Please drink responsibly 🍻 and Enjoy!

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