Top 5 Drinks for Golf: Part 2

Top 5 Drinks for Golf: Part 2

By: Nick Bockenfeld, PGA
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Golf is a sport played in the sun, while it is warm, sometimes with a nice breeze, and the best way to enjoy a nice round of golf is with a nice cold drink. So what should you drink on the golf course? There is the easy answer; an ice-cold beer is an easy answer. However, let's talk about what other drinks are out there to have on the golf course.


The Blood Transfusion

Member-guest golf tournaments are just a drunk fest of many members and their guests while the member shows off his super cool, badass golf course. These events are some of the most important events of the year for a private course. One of the most popular drinks at this event is the Blood Transfusion. It's excellent for this event because it can cure a hangover thanks to its Ginger ale. A Blood Transfusion is Ginger ale, Vodka, and Grape juice. Once it is mixed together, it looks like a blood transfusion, hence the name. I know that this sounds like a weird combination, but pour it over ice, and it is refreshing, easy to drink, and will have you hitting better shots in no time.

The Blood Transfusion Drink


Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee is one of the most popular morning drinks out there. It's pretty simple: put a bit of Baileys Irish Creme in your coffee, top it off with a shot of whiskey, and have yourself a delicious Irish coffee. The best part about Irish coffee is that you’re used to drinking coffee on a typical morning, so this isn’t much different until 30 minutes later, you feel a little other than regular coffee. The Irish coffee is great on a cold morning when the wind blows and you need to warm up a little.

Irish Coffee Drink



Shots are appropriate during pretty much any round of golf. Whether you do fireball shots every time you make a birdie or play, the loser of the hole takes a shot, shots are an invaluable part of drinking while playing golf. Shots will loosen you up a bit and get you ready to hit that next tough shot. They can be part of a game you play with your buddies or just take shots to celebrate and have more fun. Either way, if you don’t finish the bottle, did you even take shots? So which shots are the best to take on the golf course? Some people love taking shots of fireball and swear by it… And… I mean, it's great if you enjoy the taste of antifreeze, but if you want something a little smoother, a shot of Tequila always seems to work for me!

Fireball Shots


John Daly

Ah, the John Daly, one of the craziest golfers out there, and we remember him for turning an Arnold Palmer into an alcoholic drink. The John Daly is a classic golf course drink; it's easy to drink, tasty, and refreshing. You take an Arnold Palmer, and you add vodka. For those that don’t know what an Arnold Palmer is, it's just Lemonade and Iced Tea. The John Daly just adds vodka to that mixture, making it a little “dirtier” than the Arnold Palmer. If you haven’t tried this one, I would highly recommend it, especially on a long and hot day; this hits the spot perfectly!

John Daly Drink



Oh sweet, sweet tequila. How can you do a best drinks post and not have a tequila-based drink? This time, the tequila-based drink is just a nice simple Margarita. Tequila, triple sec, and lime juice mix, whatever you use; the critical part is the tequila! A margarita is a classic for a reason; it is simple, easy to drink, and refreshing, and you can always get your hands on it. Whether you prefer your margarita to be on the rocks or frozen is up to you, but this drink will always have a place on my drink list. It is, after all, very difficult to find a better drink than a frozen margarita on a hot summer day in Texas.

margarita drink at a Top Golf bar

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