Top 5 Drivers this Season

Top 5 Drivers this Season


I went out and bought a new driver this year, and I wanted to share a little bit about my experience. Of course, this is just me, if you are going to get a new driver, you should go try all of the heads, pick your favorite head, then find a shaft that is perfect for it! That is the best way to get the best driver for you. The shaft is going to be more important than the head, but you need to like how the head feels and looks, then get the right degree, then find the perfect shaft to work with it. I fully recommend getting fit by a professional! When I purchased my driver, I had help from a professional fitter, go get fit!


Cobra LTD x LS

Something that you are going to see is I like the LS heads of every single driver! The LS of course stands for low spin. I tend to generate a lot of spin and hit the ball too high, so I look for low spin drivers, with low lofts. My favorite head of the year is the cobra LTD x LS, I hit it the most consistent, I hit it pretty far, and I was able to shape it really well. I also love the look of the top of the club, looking down onto it. I also love how the face feels when I hit a ball. Its just an all around great feeling, the most consistent, and I hit it pretty far. Then I found a good shaft, I really like the RDX Smoke blue from Project X. That is my current driver set up and I love it. I haven’t actually really liked a driver this much in a long time, since the Ping G400 LS actually.


TaylorMade Stealth

The stealth has a unique color scheme that I freaking LOVE! Red and black, hard to beat if you are a golf fan, you know that color scheme wins. Shoutout to victory red here! The face itself is really interesting feeling with the new Carbonwood design, it works really well. Face feels pretty good, and dang, it goes really far, but I just wasn’t personally as consistent with it. Like the Sim2 that I had. It is long, and when I was on with it, boy was I freaking on, but it just wasn’t as consistent as I tend to prefer. The face was really really cool though, and I like where the carbon wood is going!


Ping G425 LST

I just always enjoy a ping driver. The 425 is not new to this year, but I tried it again, as my swing is ever evolving, so it was nice to try it out again. I hit it pretty well, couldn’t get it quite as far as the others on this list, but it still went pretty far and was pretty consistent. As I said earlier, the G400 LST was one of the best drivers ever made, and this one does a decent job as a follow up, but I hope next year they put out something with a face a little more similar to the 400. That may just be my opinion, as it is still a very popular driver!


Callaway Rogue ST LS

Callaway is starting to get a lot of letters in the name, nowhere as bad as like a Mizuno or even the cobra, but it used to just be the rogue. Never the less, Callaway knocked it out of the park with this one. It feels great! Face is super forgiving, I couldn’t hit a bad shot with it. Unfortunately for me, Callaway heads spin a lot, which is great for the average player, but not great for me. I spun it a little too much and needed a really high end shaft to get that spin down to pretty low. Its a great club, but it didn’t really work for me personally. That is the crazy thing about golf, the Rogue ST is probably the best driver of the season, but it didn’t work really well for me.


Titleist TSI 2

I hit the Titleist TSI 2 and it was another great driver, I mean it is really hard to distinguish between some of these drivers, they are all great! For this one, I hit is pretty solid, I could get it out there, but not quite as far as the Cobra and the Stealth. It was forgiving, and I could shape it decently, but it just wasn’t for me personally. Its a great club and Titleist always has great clubs, but I will be sticking solely to the Vokeys as far as Titleist is concerned, and will be leaving this driver at the store. Solid club though if you go give it a try and hit it well, hit the purchase button!



I didn’t go and hit every driver out there, I found it was really hard to start hitting a driver other than the cobra and the stealth. I kept going back to those two drivers no matter what else I hit. I had a fitter show me the perfect shaft for the Callaway and it changed everything! But like I said it was not exactly what I was looking for. In the end how I like the feel doesn’t matter for everyone else, you need to go hit all of these drivers yourself and get professionally fit so that you get the right driver for you!

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