Training Aid vs. New Club Which Do You Buy?

Training Aid vs. New Club Which Do You Buy?


Well, let us get a couple of things out of the way immediately. If you aren’t going to put any time into practice, you will never get better. If you think you will get better just by purchasing a new club, you are insane. If you buy a new club, even if you get fit for it, you will have to spend time on the range getting used to them. With clubs, you have to have something familiar in your hands when you hit a ball. It doesn’t matter what shot you are trying to hit; if you aren’t comfortable with it, you will be in trouble, especially the more that one shot means. The same can be said with a training aid. No matter what aid you buy, you have to spend the time on the range to get better.

Training Aid

You will be well off when you get a rock-solid training aid. If you can find something that gives you feedback after every swing, molds to work with your swing and helps you build consistency, you want to go with the training aid. This is where the CTRL Swing Master comes in. It's a rock-solid training aid, and when you mix it with a few hours on the range, you accelerate your training. The CTRL Swing Master makes a great case to only ever needing to buy a training aid. It learns what your best swing looks like and helps you take that swing every time. First, you start by putting on the comfortable compression sleeve, pop in the sensors then start taking swings. You tell the app what the ball did in the air and if it matches what you were trying to do. Once you have ten good swings recorded, the CTRL Swing Master gives you feedback for your clubface, club path, and tempo to get you swinging your best swing. With the CTRL Swing Master, you transform your range session into a high-tech, easy-to-understand training session. The CTRL Swing Master helps you to master your best swing faster to get you hitting more fairways, more greens, and being a more consistent golfer every single time. You will be a better golfer if you know exactly what the ball will do and where it will land every single swing. Building consistency is the path to getting much better, really quickly.

New Club

Every time I get a new club like Christmas any time of the year! It is fantastic to get a new club in hand, especially after going to a store and just striping it every time. However, every time I get a new club, I hit it way better at the store than I ever do at the course. At least until I go out onto the range or practice green and get plenty of reps in with it. Every time you get a new club, you have to build confidence with it, drill it, work it until you are at home and comfortable with it in any situation, or it isn’t going to be ready for that following pressure situation you get into. It is like my three iron right now. I’ve always been pretty decent with my long irons, I hit the ball high, and I can work it both ways so it can stop pretty quickly when I hit a high tight fade. Unfortunately, I didn't have a three-iron with my last set of irons for the longest time. Instead, I opted for a two-hybrid, so when I got to my current location, I took the three iron out, which felt foreign to me. Every other club felt okay, but the three iron was rough. Now I feel more comfortable with the three iron than I ever felt with my two hybrids. It is incredible how drilling something on the range can help your confidence. It is currently my go-to club when I have to hit a fairway. I hit it about 240 - 250 off the tee, and it goes exactly where I want it to go every single time. When you stand 235 yards out from the pin, you feel 100% confident, and at home, it opens up your game a lot. So what if I can’t take the driver off the tee? I can hit three-iron off the tee and three-iron into the green on most par 4s, so I’m never apprehensive if I can’t take the driver. A new club can help immensely, especially if you get fit for it. If you aren’t going to get fit, don’t bother with a new club. Get a club or set of clubs that will work with your swing, then go grind on that swing and get more consistent. There will be a time when you just need a new set of clubs, driver technology does change a lot, and you should get a new driver at least every five years, in my opinion. If your driver is five years old, the technology is obsolete, and a new driver will go further and more consistent if you get fit for one. Iron sets become obsolete every ten years or so when a new technology for face metal comes out. Drivers and woods, though, the technology on them is being changed all the time. Aerospace engineers at these companies are some of the best globally, and they design their clubs and grow with technology every year. I use the dollar Driver Club so that I can get a new driver at the start of every season just so I am up on the technology, but if I find one I love like I loved the G400 from Ping, I will stick with it for a few years until something comes along that gets me to part ways with it. With a putter, if you buy a new putter, you need to go practice with it, or you will miss the short putts when they count the most, and that's no good. The bottom line for a new club is if your current clubs have obsolete technology and you don’t feel good with them, get fit for new clubs and make a change, but you will have to spend hours on the range getting used to them.


To conclude, I would always recommend a new training aid or any way to enhance your training sessions over a new club. However, if you are going to get a new club, get fit and use it in conjunction with your training aid. Training aids have been created, sold, bought for years and years for a reason, and they help enhance your training to the point that you will just keep getting better and better. A new club can only take you so far, it can improve what you are already doing a little bit, but it will never really take a lot of strokes off your game. A new driver might help if yours is ten years old, but if not, then you really should stick to buying a training aid. Specifically, buy the CTRL Swing Master, the best training aid on the market to enhance your training. Think about it like this: if you could know exactly what your ball would do and where it would land every time, would you ever need a new club? Save yourself the money and invest in your game. Purchase the CTRL Swing Master and get to become a better golfer today!

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