Why the CTRL Swing Master?

Why the CTRL Swing Master?

Let's start with terms. Many people out there call something like this a golf swing trainer which is not the correct term for a device like this. In fact, in the industry, I don’t know anyone that has ever used the term golf swing trainer. They are far more commonly known as golf training aids, or just training aids. Now, there are thousands and thousands of golf training aids out on the market today, so how do you know which ones will actually help and which ones are junk? I mean, some golf training aids help you “fix” things other golf training aids help you create! So which ones are good to use and which ones are bad for you? And more importantly, what makes me so sure that the CTRL Swing Master is so much better? 

What is CTRL? 

CTRL is a smart golf training aid that is aimed at helping you hit your best shot every single time you take a swing. So how does it work? First you pull on the CTRL Compression sleeve, then you pop in the sensors, next connect the sensors to our app, then take swings. Tell the app good or bad based on how you felt you hit the shot. After 10 good shots, CTRL will learn what your ideal swing looks like. Then you enter training mode and we will give you instructional based feedback to help you hit your best shot.

CTRL Features

A mix of engineers and PGA Golf professionals built the CTRL Swing Master, including myself. We have taken an idea and gone with it all the way to today. We built the CTRL Swing Master to help you swing your best swing by helping you swing with your ideal tempo, club face, and club path. Instead of just tracking these things and spitting out metrics that you don’t understand, we give you feedback in easy to understand plain English so that you know what changes to make. Instead of telling you what your spin axis, or your dynamic loft is, instead we tell you to slow down your backswing, or close your club face in order to help you hit your ideal shot. 


The most important feature we have is tracking tempo. If your tempo is off, then everything is off. If your backswing and transition is too fast and your body can’t keep up, namely your hips, you will most likely hook the ball. The best ball strikers in the world have a consistent tempo in common. Their tempo ratio (backswing to downswing) may differ from one another, but it is always the same with every swing they take. Tempo ratios vary, from Hayden Springer’s 4:1 ratio to Hank Khuene’s 2:1 ratio, but every time they take a swing, their ratio is the same. That helps to build consistency in your golf game and gives you better contact and even hit it further since you hit the sweet spot so often. Tempo is without a doubt one of the most important aspects of a golf swing and the CTRL swing master is the best golf training aid for tempo. For tempo, CTRL looks at your ideal swing timing and gives you a metronome set to that as well as feedback to help you hit your best shot every single time. CTRL is the best golf training aid for tempo on the market because it fits to your swing. It doesn’t force you to fit into its ideal swing like the other training aids on the market. 

Club face

The next feedback the CTRL Swing master gives you is on your club face. Now it is important to note that CTRL cannot see your actual clubface. Instead, it uses your wrist rotation and angle in order to give feedback on your club face. CTRL looks at what your wrist is doing during the swing and correlates that to what your clubface is doing. So if your wrist is more rotated than normal at impact, we will let you know your club face was too closed for your ideal swing. Club face control is vital to starting the ball where you want it to start!

Club path

The final feedback the CTRL Swing Master gives you is on your club path. It measures how in to out or out to in you come into the ball at impact. This helps to give feedback on your path. CTRL tells you to swing more out to in, or more in to out in order to help you hit your best shot. Path is important because it helps to determine the trajectory of the ball. 

In other words, Face sends it, Path bends it, so you need both to be correct to hit the shot you want to hit!!!!

Who is CTRL?

CTRL comprises several team members! Ian Cash is our CEO. He is a mechanical engineer out of Texas A&M he codes, works on the business side, and helps with hardware. Cesar Fuentes is our CPO, and he is also a Mechy out of Texas A&M he works on making sure the product meets what the customer wants! He also codes and runs the hardware side. Jake Duenckel is our head of marketing and a golf subject-matter expert. He knows the golf swing extremely well, has taught many many lessons and is a pretty skilful player. He also created the website and runs our social media! Ryan Buck is our CTO. He oversees everything to do with the app and the app mingling with the sensors. Ryan has his hands in pretty much everything software and firmware. He is from Colorado school of the Mines. Nishant Barma is our CDS (Chief Data Scientist.). He runs the data science team and is in control of our algorithms and making sure you get feedback. He has a masters in Computer Science out of Texas A&M. Taimoor is a data scientist that works with Nishant. He also got his degree at Texas A&M. Fariba is another data scientist that just parted ways with us but implemented a lot of our algorithms to get tempo perfected! Then there is me, Nick Bockenfeld, the Chief Growth Officer, golf liaison and PGA Professional. I studied Professional Golf Management at Sam Houston State University. 

Why did we make CTRL?

We created CTRL because we believe everyone deserves to practice their perfect. Every golfer has their own unique ideal swing, and they should be able to get out and practice that swing every single time. The bottom line is, we love golf, and we want to grow the game we love! To do that, we are making it easier to get better! 

To conclude, the CTRL Golf Swing Master is the best training aid on the market. While this is a bold statement, we fully stand behind this statement. CTRL is the first of its kind. We don’t teach you to swing like other golfers. The Swing Master gives you 100% customized training that teaches you to replicate your best swing, every single time. Why? Because no one swings the same.

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