Master your swing faster with a data backed personalized training experience.


Step-By-Step Feedback


Are you in rhythm?

Your tempo is the glue that holds your swing together. CTRL provides you with extremely accurate and consistent tempo feedback that keeps your swing in sync.

Club Face

Are you open or closed?

Your club face angle determines the initial trajectory of the golf ball. CTRL provides precise club face feedback that allows you to reach your ideal club face every time.

Club Path

Are you on path?

Your club path dictates the curve the ball will make once in the air. CTRL provides you pinpoint feedback that lets you maintain your perfect club path with each swing.

Perfect Practice

Anywhere. Anytime.

Your State of the Art


Empower your game with superior motion tracking technology. A resilient battery life keeps you outside longer. While our superior feedback has you hitting your best shots all day long. Vast amounts of data points per second tell you exactly what your swing looks like.

Easily Remove

2-Tap Turn On

Withstands High G Forces

Tolerates High Temperatures

Play it Where it Lies

Adapt like a Champ

CTRL works with any club, and perfects any type of swing; straight, draw, fade, you name it. Just like you choose your club, pick the best swing for any situation.


Informed Decisions

Play to your strengths on the course by tracking your consistency and improvement over time.

View Data and Implement Solutions based on Your:

Session Stats

Difference between various Sessions

Improvement with Different Swings and Clubs


in Motion

Our signature “weightless” sleeve is made of a special fabric blend that conforms to the wearer’s body, but feels as though nothing is there. It never interferes with your movement and even has a cooling effect.

Feels As Though Nothing is There

Works With and Without Gloves

Cools the User as They Wear it

Easily Washable

Get More Out of

Your Coaching Lessons

No coach is needed to use CTRL, but integration with a coach can help you master your best swing even faster! Your coach can change and tweak your swing during the lesson and then you can use the sleeve to lock in the motion they taught you. That way, you can be sure you’re practicing the proper swing when your coach isn’t around.



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