Introducing: Clutch Mode™️

The best way to transfer your practice from the driving range to the 1st tee.

Clutch Mode™️ randomizes your shots and adds pressure to your practice sessions by asking you to execute various shots on command.

Watch Clutch Mode™️ in Action
Bridge the Gap between Driving Range and Golf Course
  • Test Your Skills 🎯

    Decide what shots you want to perfect for when you need to hit them on demand.

  • Crank Up the Heat 🔥

    Easy? Hard? Change your settings to match how tough you want the challenge to be. The more difficult, the better your training. And most importantly, the more points you can earn in the global leaderboards.

  • Ready. Set. Swing. ✅

    Clutch Mode™️ will take the shots you chose, randomize them, and have you hit them on command.

  • Feedback in the Clutch

    On each swing in your Clutch Mode™️ session, you'll know if you hit your unique tempo, club face, and club path.

  • Your Progress, Measured 📏

    After every round, you'll be scored on the difficulty of the shots you chose and how well you nailed them.

    Compete Against Others 
  • Post-Game Report

    After a session in Clutch Mode™️, you can review your swing by swing performance and see where your game needs improvement.

  • Grit vs. Grind 💪

    There's nothing like a bit of pressure to level the playing field. See how you stack up against the world in the clutch!

No More Excuses.

Start playing better under pressure.