• High-Speed Bluetooth Connectivity.

    Fast. Easy to connect. Reliable. Low energy, high efficiency. Swing all day worry-free. 

  • Maximum tracking. Maximum data.

    Two ultra-sensitive sensors monitor every motion, rotation, acceleration, force, and impact for maximum data analysis of your swing.

  • 6-Axis Motion Gyroscope

    Address. Takeaway. Backswing. Downswing. Impact. Follow-Through. Tracked.

  • High-G Accelerometer

    Monitoring your speed, acceleration, and velocity leads to a consistent and improved tempo.

Accurate Club Path

Trust your swing knowing you are swinging on your path without a doubt, without fail.

Tempo Feedback You Can Trust

Sync your swing to your exact tempo every time with impeccable tempo data within one-hundredth of a second.

Incredible Club Face Precision

Find consistency at impact time after time with industry-best club face accuracy.

  • Simply Double-Tap

    Our 2 hyper-sensitive motion sensors magnetically snap onto the sleeve and turn on with a simple double tap.

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  • Limitless Devices

    Whether you are practicing on the driving range with your phone or hitting shots indoors with your tablet, we ensure the sensors work with any iOS or Android Device.


Feedback That Really Works

Let us prove it to you. Buy it, try it, and keep it only if you see improvement.
Otherwise we'll refund you no questions asked.

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  • High Performance

    You get better – in a hurry.

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