Struggling to Start the Ball on Your Target Line?

Expected Feedback

It's time to focus on your club face. If the face is too open, then the ball will start to the right of your target line. If it's too closed, the ball will start to the left of your target line. All of this is reversed if you're a lefty, of course.

The Fix

The Swing Master reports your club face each and every swing you take. Not only that, it tells you if you need to close or open it more. No wasting your valuable energy thinking about what just happened and what needs to be done. Just swing, improve, and repeat. There's even built-in audio feedback that gives you direct instructions, spoken to you like a good coach would.

The Result

Perfect club face every time. And most importantly, it's customized to where your club face should be, not how someone else might swing—no more hitting the ball off line!

Ready to Improve with the Swing Master?

Now you've seen how it will improve your game. It's up to you to make it happen.

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