Remember what that last perfect swing felt like?

We Do

Everyone can remember the last time they striped one straight down the fairway. The buttery feeling of cutting straight through the ball like it’s not even there. It’s the reason all golfers keep coming back. Day after day, year after year. We’re all chasing the “I can’t believe I just hit that” swing.

That’s why we invented the CTRL® Swing Master. To help everyone get that perfect shot mojo every single swing.

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Built for you

Not someone else

It’s the classic startup story. Invented on a paper napkin over lunch, two friends set out to make a difference in the world. Along the way they found many others that shared their problem. Whatever driving range or golf course they visited, the story was the same.

“Training aids these days give too many numbers, and not enough instruction.”

“Even when I hit the numbers they want, I don’t know what they mean and they certainly aren’t meant for me. I don’t know who they’re for.”

As lifetime golfers we learned your best swing has to do with your individual body shape, flexibility, and physique. That’s why golf cannot be learned in a classroom. The learning experience is individual to you. That’s why we built the Swing Master. It’s the personal coach for ALL OF US.

Almost 4 years later and with the support of 100s, it’s finally time for golfers around the world to master their own unique best swing.

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A true team effort

We develop it all so we can keep making it better for you

Each piece of the CTRL® Swing Master has been hand-developed with love. Each line of code has been written to deliver you the best experience possible.

From hardware engineers to data scientists to software engineers to PGA members, we’ve grown our team from the ground up to make iteration as fast and as frictionless as it can be.

Each time you slide on the CTRL® Sleeve, be on the lookout for what might have changed. It’s likely there's something new in there for you to explore!

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Because we care

We do this because we want you to play better

Very few things on this planet make us angrier than poor customer service and being sold shovelware. We’ve taken our time developing CTRL® because we don’t want this to be just another “buy and stuff it in the closet” gadget. We’ve done our research with everyone from beginners to pros so that we could promise improvement. Just take a look at our 90 day money back guarantee! And if that’s not enough, each and every member of our team is ready and waiting to help assist anytime you need us.

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