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Swing Master

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Become the master of your golf swing with the device that gives you personalized, easy-to-understand feedback after every swing. The Swing Master is the first of its kind, learning how you swing and providing feedback on how to get to your best swing, every single time.

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Supercharge Your Golf Game

The Swing Master provides feedback on the 3 most important aspects of your golf swing.

What's in the Box?

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Sensor x2
Sleeve x1
Charging Stand x1
Charging Cable x1
App Access x1

Let's Determine Your Sleeve Size

Your correct size is determined by the circumference of wrist, circumference of your bicep, and the length of your arm from wrist to armpit.
X-Large +
Bicep (in)
Length (in)
Wrist (in)

Technical Specifications

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iOS and Android Compatible

Breathable Shape Forming
78% Nylon, 22% Elastane

Bluetooth LE

High Speed High G
6 Axis Motion Sensors

Magnetilock Sensor Mounts

13.7g per Sensor
35.2g Charging Stand

< 1-Hour Charge Time

IP 67 Water Resistance

12-Hour Battery Life

How We Stand Out from the Rest

Working on your golf game should be simple, easy, and effective.

Easy Set-Up

Individualized Feedback

Use With Any Club

Ideal Tempo Metronome

No Limit On Swings

Unlimited Data History

Our Promise to You

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in the continental U.S.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you aren’t satisfied, send it back within 90 days of receiving it for a full refund.

1-Year Warranty

We warrant the product against manufacturer’s defects for 1 year.

Success Stories

"This is one of my favorite training aids! Very comfortable, great look to it and easy access with the app. The focus it has on not only improving your swing flaws, but also honing in on your rhythm is a wonderful trait. Good rhythm can always fix a bad swing!"

Ryan Johnson
Professional Golfer
3 / 7

"This has been by FAR my favorite training aid to use!"

Katie Calderon
2021 US National Champion - Professional Long Drive
2 / 7

"The app is easy to use and the feedback is excellent!"

Hayden Springer
Forme Tour (PGA Tour Canada)
1 / 7

"The Swing master is the perfect product to have whether you are on the range or at home. Its easy to put on, connect and swing."

Shawn Holcomb
Golf Course Superintendent
4 / 7

"After a few months of using it I went from hitting about 5% of greens in regulation to 40% of greens in regulation. The Swing Master helps to improve my practice sessions by allowing me to focus on rhythm and club path for more distance and consistent contact."

Jeff R.
5 / 7

"This has all the technical prowess and hunger it needs to take the idea of golf sensing forward and help golfers understand and truly feel the minute intricate game that is golf."

Alejandro H.
6 / 7

"I've felt way more consistent with my swing thanks to practicing with this device. I love using it before my round to get my tempo right before I play! It helps me make way better contact."

Austin s.
7 / 7


Charging Cable


Charging Stand and Cable





Charging Cable
Charging Stand and Cable