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Our signature “weightless” sleeve conforms to your body, feels as though nothing is there, never interferes with your movement, and provides you with a cooling effect.

  • Works with and without gloves
  • Feels as though nothing is there
  • Cools the user as they wear it
  • Easily Washable

Breathable Shape Forming Sleeve:

  • 78% Nylon
  • 22% Elastane

Featured Metrics

Feedback provided after every swing:


A consistent tempo ratio keeps your swing in sync and improves the consistency of your ball striking.

Club Face

A controlled club face controls the initial trajectory of the golf ball and allows you to hit the ball on your intended target line swing after swing.

Club Path

A consistent club path determines the curve the ball will make once it's in the air and lets you land the golf ball within your intended target area with increased frequency.

3 Easy Steps

You’re ready in less than 2 minutes.

1. Put on the sleeve

2. Connect to the app

3. Start taking swings

Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Swing Master is backed by a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects. And if your sensor arrives damaged, we’ll offer to replace it.


The Swing Master works with any iOS or Android device.

Comfort & Wearability

Our signature “weightless” sleeve is made of a special fabric blend that conforms to the wearer’s body, but feels as though nothing is there. It never interferes with your movement and even has a cooling effect.

Shipping & Returns

Free shipping.

Please reach out to Community@ctrl.golf to inquire about a return.

Size & Fit

To determine your correct size, please measure your LEAD ARM.

For Right-Handed golfers, your LEAD arm is your LEFT arm.

For Left-Handed golfers, your LEAD arm is your RIGHT arm.

The Bicep measure is very important. This ensures the sensors will stay in place during the golf swing. Based on your bicep measurement, we recommend choosing a size that will fit more snug and secure if you are in-between sizes. 

If you need any help choosing a size before placing an order, please reach out to us at Community@ctrl.golf and we'll send you a personalized recommendation.

If you receive the unit and it doesn’t fit perfectly, you’re covered by our Sleeve Fit Guarantee. Simply return it and we’ll send you a new sleeve free of charge.

Care Instructions

Machine Wash Cold with like colors.

Hand wash for best results.

Dry flat or line dry.

DO NOT use softeners.

DO NOT iron.

DO NOT bleach.

DO NOT dry clean.

What's In the Box

Sleeve x1

🚨How does it work?🚨

Watch the video to see the Swing Master at work.

This innovative device will completely transform the way you practice and play golf.

Stop wasting valuable practice time

"The one thing that goes generally when people are under pressure and playing badly is tempo. This is exactly what the Swing Master can help you with. Also club face and swing path."

- James Robinson

World renowned PGA Instructor and TPI-Certified Coach with JCR Performance

Groove it with CTRL

"You’re no longer mindlessly banging balls and every swing has a purpose.

From there, the beauty of the human condition takes over.

You’re actively and attentively grooving your most consistent swing."

- Chris Chaney

The Managing Editor at SwingU: The world's most engaged daily golf newsletter

Frequently Asked

Questions 🤔

Will it improve my ball striking?


It's time to focus on your tempo ratio. The best ball strikers in the world have the exact same ratio of their backswing and downswing time on every swing. Too fast or too slow of a backswing or downswing, and you'll be hitting all over the place.

The Swing Master reports your tempo ratio on each and every swing you take. Not only that, it tells you if you need to speed up or slow down your backswing or downswing. No wasting your valuable energy thinking about what needs to be done; just swing, improve, repeat. There's even a built-in metronome that is timed directly to your swing tempo. Turn it on and follow the beat!

The result?

Perfect swing tempo every time. And most importantly, it's customized to the tempo that works best for you, not someone else. Consistent swings every time!

Does it work?

Yes! We've spent years developing motion and feedback algorithms targeted at truly helping your game, unlike others on the market. Other training aids are just looking for a quick cash grab or are happy to keep selling you the same product repeatedly without making it any better.

Don't believe us? Just look at what one of our beta testers said: "Since using the CTRL Swing Master, my average score was 112-115. Now it is 105, and for the first time, I shot under 100." - Jeff R.

And if that's not enough, we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. Improve, or send it back free of cost and no questions asked.

We're dedicated to supporting the CTRL Swing Master with frequent updates based on your feedback. Let us know what you'd like to see at community@ctrl.golf!

What does knowing my tempo, path, and face do for me?

If you know where your ball is going to land, you're going to get lower scores.

 is the most important factor of your swing; it is the glue that holds everything together.

"This number (tempo) varies from player to player... What isn’t important here is not the specific tempo, but the consistency." - Trackman

With centered contact, face and path determine almost everything else.

"Face angle is the most important number when determining the starting direction of the golf ball. The ball will launch very closely to the direction the club face (face angle) is pointed at impact." - Trackman

"The club path is part of what influences the curvature of the shot." - Trackman

If you have the same face, path, and tempo, the ball will do the same thing every time.

How is this better than other swing training aids?

We deliver more types of feedback than anyone else in the wearable swing training aid market. You won't find others providing feedback on your tempo, clubface, and club path.

Rather than feeding you a bunch of numbers you'd need a coach by your side interpreting, we tell you in simple sentences how to get to your best swing every time.

We adapt to what makes your best swing, your best. Just look at the PGA Tour Pros to understand that everyone has their own unique swing. If the best in the world aren't all aiming for the exact same tempo, clubface, and club path, why would you listen to a training aid that tells you to?

When you swing with the CTRL Swing Master, you'll get instructions specific to the timing, clubface, and club path that work best for your swing.

How do I pick the correct sleeve size?

Our motion sensors are very sensitive. Without the right size, we cannot trust the data being recorded. Simply put, garbage in, garbage out.

The most important measurement is your bicep when measuring yourself according to the size chart. Correct sizing ensures that the sleeve does not fall down your arm and the sensors remain in place when swinging.

The 2nd most important measurement is the length. The sleeve must come up past your elbow to ensure the placement of the 2nd sensor is correct.

If you have any questions about sizing, please contact us at community@ctrl.golf and we'll give you a size recommendation!

When do I get my product?

Due to the high volume of the holidays, shipping may be delayed.

We apologize for any inconvenience and are trying our absolute best to ensure everyone gets their order as soon as possible.

All orders ship within 1 day after the order is placed. Domestic orders typically arrive within 1 - 5 days. If you haven't already, you'll receive another email with your delivery tracking information shortly!

Once shipped from our fulfillment center, you'll receive a tracking number in your email inbox.

If you have any questions about your order, don't hesitate to contact us at community@ctrl.golf.

Why Others Fail to Deliver

You can't expect golfers of all different builds to swing the same way and get the same results, but that’s exactly what other golf training aids do. They train everyone on one universal, “ideal” swing, and it doesn’t work.