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How Does CTRL Improve Your Golf Game?

Receive Simple, Easy-To-Understand Feedback
After Every Swing!


Your tempo is the glue that holds your swing together.

CTRL provides you with extremely accurate and consistent tempo feedback that keeps your swing in sync.

Club Face

Your club face angle determines the initial trajectory of the golf ball.

CTRL provides precise club face feedback that allows you to reach your ideal club face every time.

Club Path

Your club path dictates the curve the ball will make once in the air.

CTRL provides you pinpoint feedback that lets you maintain your perfect club path with each swing.

The Swings Catalog

Prepare for any Shot by Training with Your Swings

The CTRL Metronome

The Tempo of the Metronome represents YOUR Ideal Tempo, not someone else's

The Swing Master

Simple, Easy, Powerful


Empower your game with superior motion tracking technology. Our Sensors provide a resilient battery life and powerful data capabilities.


Our signature “weightless” sleeve conforms to your body, feels as though nothing is there, never interferes with your movement, and provides you with cooling effect.


The CTRL App allows you to view Data and Implement Solutions based on Your Session Stats, Difference between various Sessions, and Improvement with Different Swings and Clubs.