Do I need a significant other that plays as well?

Do I need a significant other that plays as well?

NO! Thanks for reading.

Just kidding, there is definitely a little deeper discussion about this. Some people love playing golf with their spouse or significant other, or partner or whatever it is you call it. Some people prefer not to play golf with that…. Person. There is no right answer. My wife doesn’t play but she does sometimes come out to the course if we are on vacation and watch me play. I hate to play alone so this is a nice plus, but I don’t have someone always willing to go out and play with me to make it at least a twosome. So let's dive into the ins and outs of playing golf with your spouse.

When your spouse is a golfer

When your spouse is a golfer you get to play golf on trips, your wife understands the sport and may actually care when you tell them you made 3 pars today! However it might also mean that you can’t get away with telling them the course was backed up so it took 8 hours when in reality you played 36 holes. You also can’t lie about how much a club costs. Another downside is you would either have to share your CTRL Golf Swing Master, the ultimate golf training aid with your spouse! Instead you could take advantage of our buy two for $800 campaign. Now that I’ve hit my shameless plug we can move on! There are definitely some huge positives to being able to play golf with your spouse, but the downsides are there too, you can’t use golf as an excuse to hang with your other friends, instead when you go play, you may have to include your wife in your foursome, always. You could also open the door to getting beat by your significant other, which you may or may not care about, but pulling in a super competitive sport may or may not be a good thing for your relationship. I’m a competitive person so I’m not sure I could handle getting my butt kicked by my significant other while playing golf.

When your spouse is not a golfer

My lovely wife is not a golfer, so I am really speaking from the heart here. My wife does not care about anything to do with golf. She doesn’t care about the incredible highlights I see on the PGA and LPGA instagram accounts, she doesn’t really want to listen to my shot by shot replay of my rounds when I get home. She will listen, and nod, and go, “Uh huh” but she doesn’t really care, she just doesn’t get it! She doesn’t care much for the game and that's okay. She will come out to a golf course with me if I ask her to and ride in the cart, she doesn’t care when I go play golf with my buddies or my dad and I love that. I just tell her, “Oh hey! I’m going to play golf today.” She says okay, have fun and we go about our business. She understands how much golf means to me and she is okay with me buying new clubs and going to play golf. However, I got pretty lucky with her, there are a lot of golf wives that are not that easy going about their husband disappearing for 6 hours at a time to go drink and hang with his buddies, my wife is just an introvert and doesn’t care.

So should you go out of your way to meet an SO that plays?

No, I don’t think so, unless you just really really want to play golf with that person every time you play. If not and you’ve got a great foursome and several groups of golf buddies, then you shouldn’t care if your significant other plays, especially if they respect your hobbies. That is the main key. A significant other that respects your hobbies is huge when it comes to finding a significant other. If you are dating someone and they can’t respect that you are your own person, with your own hobbies then you are probably dating the wrong person.

In conclusion...

Go back and read the first word I wrote, some people call that EPIC foreshadowing. No you don’t need to find a significant other that plays golf, and no you certainly shouldn’t go out of your way to  find a significant other that plays golf. In reality if you meet someone that plays and you date them, awesome! If not also awesome! It really doesn’t matter.

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