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  • Adapts to Your Swing

    Receive feedback where it matters.

  • Top-Tier Accuracy

    Maximum tracking. Maximum data.

  • High Performance

    Your game improves – in a hurry.

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Sleep. Train. Track. Repeat.

The more swings you make, the more precise the feedback becomes. This leads to sustained rapid improvement with room to fine-tune it even more.

  • DAY 1

    You need consistency.

  • DAY 15

    You see improvement.

  • DAY 30

    You play your best golf!

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Experience an incredible boost in consistency and lower scores after using the Swing Master for
just 30 days.

"This goes to show how precise the Swing Master is" 👀

Watch as renowned PGA Instructor and TPI-Certified Coach James Robinson takes the Swing Master out on the golf course to work on his game.


Lower Your Score. Period.

Waste no time lowering your score. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, we all share a common goal.


    I've felt way more consistent with my swing thanks to practicing with the CTRL Swing Master. I love using it before my round to get my tempo right before I play! It helps me make way better contact.


    After a few months of using the CTRL Swing Master, I went from hitting about 5% of greens to 40% of greens. My average score was 112-115.  Now it is 105, and for the first time I shot under 100!


    The CTRL Swing Master is the best device I have seen and used to help you work on tempo. What better way to prepare for high-intensity moments than with a device that is specifically made to teach and show you how to achieve an elite level of tempo control.

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Personalized Training Experience

Get to your ideal swing faster with a data backed personalized training experience.

  • Tempo

    Keep your swing in sync through incredibly accurate tempo feedback

  • Club Face

    Control the initial trajectory of the golf ball via precise club face feedback

  • Club Path

    Harness the curve the ball will make once it's in the air with pinpoint club path feedback

The Worlds Best Golf Trainer

The Swing Master is the first of its kind—it’s a golf training tool that learns how you already swing and then gives you feedback to improve your swing.

  • Are you in rhythm?

  • Are you open or closed?

  • Are you on path?

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