Instruction Manual

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Start by downloading the CTRL Golf app on whichever app store you use:

Google Play



Plug in the charging stand, place the sensors on it, and twist them until they light up. You can also double-tap the sensor to wake it up!

Here is a guide to the color the of sensor's LEDs:

White LED - The sensor is on and on standby.

Red LED - The sensor is under 15% battery.

Green LED - The sensor is above 90% battery.

Blue LED - The sensor is connected to a device.

Orange LED - The sensor is charging on the charging stand.

Green (solid) LED - The sensor is fully charged and on the charging stand

Once the sensor is on you can connect it to the app.

Go to the app and click "pair new sensor", you should click connect a sensor, and it will connect and be ready to use, repeat for the second sensor. Once both sensors are connected, you can move to the next page.

Click the golfer icon at the bottom of the screen, and it will take you to the model's page.

Create a new model, and then you need ten good swings to train that model! Once the model is trained, you can click "start training" on the model's page, and then we will start giving you feedback on every single swing!

Note: Sensors will fall asleep after 30 seconds once they are disconnected from Bluetooth.

Do not worry! This is not a battery issue. Instead, this is normal behavior for the sensors. Once disconnected from Bluetooth, the sensors will automatically fall asleep after 30 seconds.


CTRL focuses on 5 feedback categories for the full swing. You create a baseline that we average out and give feedback based on your ideal swing with each of these.

So if your ideal swing nets you a clubface open 3 degrees and a path 5 degrees to the right, and you take a swing that is open 5 degrees and 4 degrees to the right, we will surface feedback that tells you to close your clubface and to swing more in to out.

The tempo ratio and backswing and downswing time are the same. They take your ideal swing and match each swing against that and give feedback to get you back to your ideal.

Tempo Ratio

The ratio of your backswing to your downswing

Backswing time

How many seconds your backswing takes

Downswing time

How many seconds your downswing takes (top of the swing to impact)


Measured against your ideal clubface

Club path

Measured against your ideal club path


Once you have built a swing model and go into training mode, you can turn on the metronome and try to match your tempo to our metronome! You can set the time between the metronome going off in the audio feedback settings.

Audio feedback

You can turn our audio feedback on and off in the settings. You can also designate which feedback you want it to give you every single swing.

Technical Specifications

Android and IOS compatibility

The sleeve itself is breathable and shape forming

78% Nylon

22% Elastane

The sleeve is machine washable, but please do not machine dry! The sleeve should be air-dried instead!

Bluetooth LE

Top of the line high speed, high G, 6 axis motion sensors

CTRL Technology Magnetilock sensors

13.7 grams per sensor

35.2-gram charging stand

Less than 1 hour charging time to full charge

12-hour battery life

IP 67 Water Resistance

Quick Start Guide

Calibration Tutorial

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