"I am proof that you can lower your scores by using the Swing Master."

Real improvement: The kind you can measure.

Meet one of our awesome golfers, Jeff Ramirez.

Jeff was a 20 handicap when he got the Swing Master.

Since then, he's dropped his scores significantly this past year.

Here's what Jeff had to say:

"I have improved the flight and distance of my golf ball.

I've landed more greens in regulation.

And, I've lowered my score from an average of 115-120 per round down to 98-103 per round."

How'd he do it?

"I've been able to use it for extra practice in my garage as well as under my carport."

With the Swing Master, he could take full advantage of his free time and take swings at home.

He didn't need to go to the range whenever he wanted to practice. With the real-time feedback from the Swing Master, Jeff could lock in his best swing from the comfort of his home.

Any other words, Jeff?

"Try it out today!"

We agree! Why? 

Because we offer a 90-day improvement guarantee:

If your stats don't improve within 90 days, return the Swing Master in good condition, and we'll refund 100% of the purchase price.

"This goes to show how precise the Swing Master is" 👀

Watch as renowned PGA Instructor and TPI-Certified Coach James Robinson takes the Swing Master out on the golf course to work on his game.

Check out the review from Golficity 🔥

"The CTRL Swing Master might be the smart golf swing trainer golfers have been looking for..." 👀 - Golficity

Swing Master in Action 🎬

Joining us in the CTRL® Room, Ryan Johnson shows us what it looks like to improve with the Swing Master.

Golfers are Frustrated.

We believe lack of improvement and overall enjoyment of the game are to blame.


We were tired of being frustrated after playing golf and then hitting endless buckets of golf balls on the driving range to fix our swings. We accepted this frustration as par for the course. But, we realized its downward spiral of playing worse and feeling down about the state of our game. We felt like ditching our golf clubs, taking a few days off, or even just quitting.


Well, we've paid for more golf lessons, bought another putter or driver, and tried out another tip we saw on YouTube. All done to only see our scores improve in the short-run or not at all. Back to square one.


There's no problem trying out new techniques, seeking advice from others, or spending a few bucks on a new club or two. But we found that we developed poor swing habits that kept us from seeing the improvement we worked hard for—this endless cycle of frustration continued.

We found a solution. For the long-haul.

Through our frustration with our lack of improvement and overall enjoyment of the game, we spent years developing The Swing Master; a product backed by scientifically proven ball flight laws. This is the only golf training device that gives you personalized, easy-to-understand feedback so that you never need to feel frustrated about your golf game again.

  • Simple, Quick Set-Up. Less than 2 Minutes.

    Just slip on the sleeve and pop-on the 2 sensors. Works with any club and any swing.

  • Immediate Feedback. Immediate Gains.

    Start hitting shots and get instantaneous feedback after every single swing. It's easy to understand and implement, for everyone.

  • See Improvement. Know what to Practice.

    Track your consistency and improvement over time with data that shows improvement with your swings and clubs.

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Why Others Fail to Deliver.

You can't expect golfers of all different builds to swing the same way and get the same results, but that’s exactly what other golf training aids do. They train everyone on one universal, “ideal” swing, and it doesn’t work.

Instead, we adapt to your unique style and learn exactly what swings work best for you.

What about Golf Lessons?

Get more out of every golf lesson you take. Enjoy improvement for the long-term.

Make your practice count.

No coach is needed to use The Swing Master, but integration with a coach can help you improve your scores even faster! Your instructer can change and tweak your swing during the lesson and then you can use the app to lock in the motion they taught you. That way, you can be sure you’re practicing the proper swing when your coach isn’t around.

Actually Save Money.

Let's check out some common alternatives and their costs.

  • New Clubs

    According to Golf.com, the majority of golfers spend $500-$1000 a year on new clubs.

  • Online Golf Tips

    Online Golf Programs: $250+/year

    YouTube: Your Sanity

    Instagram "Golf Pros": Your Sanity

Heard Enough?

Don't just take it from us. Test it out risk free for 90 days.

We guarantee you'll love it, or your money back.

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