Efficient practice. Outstanding results.
We made the Swing Master for the avid golfer who practices regularly and aims to shoot lower scores.
  • " The greatest thing about tomorrow is I will be better than I am today. "
... and so will you.

Step 1

No excuses

You don't need to be on the golf course. You don't even need to be outside or even have a ball.

The Swing Master redefines the way we take practice swings by eliminating the need to see where the ball goes.

Step 2

Slip. Snap. Tap.

Simple slip on the sleeve, snap the two hyper-sensitive motion sensors onto the sleeve, and turn on the Swing Master with a simple double-tap.

You're ready to swing.


Step 3

Swing to perfection.

There's no limit to how much practice time you can get in with the Swing Master.

Just swing to perfection.

  • Practice at home

    No excuses

Practice anywhere. The Swing Master let's you turn any place into a driving range.

Once you have your swing locked in the app, you can practice anywhere, anytime, and monitor your swing performance and optimize your scores at the golf course.

Our promise

You'll never feel frustrated about your golf game again.

We only ask you try it for 90 days.


🌟 90-Day Return Policy

By golfers for golfers. We developed The Swing Master to tackle the most underrated and yet the biggest reasons golfers don't improve their strikes and leave the golf course with a frustrated golfing experience. we couldn't take it anymore, either.

The Swing Master improves five fundamental areas of your swing to make you the best golf version of yourself.

Avoid Your Hook or Slice.

Too fast in the backswing, and you'll be spending your time watching the ball hook its way off the fairway. Too slow in the backswing, and you'll see that slice come into play.


Improve Your Contact.

The best ball strikers in the world have the exact same downswing time on every swing. Too fast in the downsing, and you'll be spending your time hitting the ball thin. Too slow in the downswing, and you'll see yourself hitting the ball fat more than ever. The best ball strikers in the world have the exact same downswing time on every swing.


Start the Ball on Your Target Line.

If the face is too open, then the ball will start to the right of your target line. If it's too closed, the ball will start to the left of your target line. All of this is reversed if you're a lefty, of course.


Control the Curve of Your Ball.

With a straight club face, a path that is too out-to-in will fade. If the path is too in-to-out, the ball will draw. And if you're not sure what just happened, how will you fix it?

Take our word for it.
See the swing Master in action with Ryan Johnson.