Good Habits for Every Golfer

Good Habits for Every Golfer

Never stop working on the fundamentals.

Neglecting to practice the basics can lead even the most seasoned players into forming bad habits. Each time you play, make sure you’re paying close attention to the small things, like your grip, posture, stance, and ball position.

Develop a fluid strategy before each round.

Every course is different. Each has its unique nuances and challenges, which is why studying the course in advance can give you an enormous boost toward a successful round. Sit down and think about each hole and each shot so you can mentally prepare for even the most difficult courses. Mentally practice each shot that you will take.

Find a pre-shot routine that works for you.

If you’ve ever watched professional golf, you’ve probably noticed that each pro has a specific ritual or set of movements they complete before taking a shot. It could be anything from picturing the shot, to a certain amount of club waggles. This practice will help keep you grounded and focused, while also allowing your body to feel comfortable before every shot.

Always set goals for yourself.

Goals keep us motivated and working toward something we hope to achieve. In golf, this practice can only serve to improve your mental and physical game. Keep a list of long-term and short-term goals and update it regularly to show yourself just how far you’ve come.

Practice with purpose.

Instead of just going to the range and banging balls until you’ve hit a bucket. Segment out your practice with tasks and goals. For example: Work the first 10 minutes on the fundamentals like alignment, posture, and grip. Then work the second portion with a goal in mind, working on whatever swing change you may need. Then fill the last portion with transfer practice with goals that you are trying to hit, like hitting 8 out of 10 balls on the green from 150 yards.

Mindlessly trudging through practice routines and drills will do nothing for your mental game. After all, if you don’t have a purpose for playing, why are you playing? Remember, this is a sport you’re passionate about, so use your goals and strategies to motivate you. And if you’re feeling like practice is becoming tedious, switch it up! Try a new course or some different drills to keep you on your toes.

Avoid negative language.

Most things in life don’t turn out quite the way we expect them to, and golf is no exception. Always think in positives, instead of, "Don’t miss this left, or left is dead '' think, "Right side is good here. The human mind will always do what it's told but doesn’t understand do’s and don’ts it always just does it. Also, if your game isn’t going as well as you’d hoped, there’s no reason to put yourself down. Instead of beating yourself up about a bad round, use positive language and affirmations to keep your spirits up and make the best of the situation.

Keep your mind present.

Even if everything about your physical game could be perfect, it won’t mean much if your mental game is poor. It can be a struggle to focus on your next shot when you’re still thinking about the last. It’s also tough to stay present when there are external factors, like poor wind, weather, or visibility, distracting you. Just remember nothing matters except the shot you’re taking at that very moment. Try to tune out any other mental "noise" that could influence you. Using the same routine every single time will help with this!

Review your data.

Going over your round after the fact is, by far, one of the best habits you can set for yourself as a golfer. Reviewing your stats from each round is important, but so is reviewing the data about your swing. CTRL helps you do just that. Using it is as simple as sliding on the sleeve and letting the app know how the ball flew. After that, CTRL gives you all the data you need to assess your perfect swing.

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