Holiday 2022 Golf Buying Guide

Holiday 2022 Golf Buying Guide

By: Nick Bockenfeld, PGA
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Golfers must be among the most complicated people to buy a gift for. Whether you don’t know much about golf, have no idea what gear they need, what gear they already have, or even the brands they like, buying for a golfer is tough. So here I will give you a comprehensive guide on what to buy and what not to buy someone!


Training Aids

Training aids are tough to buy for someone. The problem is most training aids are designed for a particular purpose, and I could only ever recommend two training aids. Because most training aids are designed for particular purposes, it is hard to buy one for your favorite golfer, as you most likely don’t know what they need to work on the most. This is why I recommend two training aids that a golfer can always use!


CTRL Swing Master

The CTRL Swing Master is an all-around training aid that can help anyone to get better at golf from anywhere. The Swing Master will look at your swing, figure out what you do best, and teach you to do that every single time. The best part, once you build a model or two, you can practice from anywhere, you don’t even have to hit a golf ball, and the swing master will give you feedback on your tempo, club face, and club path to help you hit your best shot every single time. 


The best players in the world all have one thing in common. Their tempo, while different one from the other, is the same every time they hit a shot. That is the key to great ball striking, shooting lower scores, and hitting the ball further. You get a consistent impact by having the same tempo every single time. CTRL is the only training aid on the market that can do that. Plus, it not only works on full swings. Likely before Christmas it’ll have putting feedback too, making it an all-around game changer.  It is the perfect companion for any golfer trying to get better.


Pelz Putting Tutor

The Pelz Putting Tutor is a putting training aid that I got for Christmas 6 years ago, and to this day, I still use it. I use it every time I go practice putting. It is the perfect training aid for someone trying to learn how to putt better. It is perfect for starting the ball off on the line you want it to. The pelz putting tutor is without a doubt one of the top putting aids out there, and with its small profile carrying case and lightweight, it is a perfect addition to any golfers bag!


    Golf Balls

    Golf balls seem like a really good gift idea, and they can be, but it is definitely more complicated than just going to the store and buying someone some golf balls. If they are not a very good player, go grab whatever golf balls you want, but better players tend to have very specific balls that they play with, and getting them a different type of ball is usually a waste. See, golf balls differ vastly from one to the other, you could see 10 yards of difference on a 50-yard shot between a Pinnacle and a ProV1, so your better players tend only to play one ball. If I get gifted a golf ball that I don’t play it will sit on a shelf for the rest of its life unless I switch golf balls. I personally play Callaway Chrome Soft X LS, and when I tried a round with a Taylormade TP5X I could tell the difference to the point I just gave the rest of the TP5X’s away and stopped playing them by the 3rd hole. If you do not know a player's preferred golf ball for sure, stay away from buying them a ball as a gift. A great way to work off of this is to personalize the balls. Getting their old football number on it, their name or nickname is a great way to make this even better! 



    Golf clubs are a great way to give a golf gift. Just make sure you have the right shaft for that player. If a player gets a club with the wrong shaft, they may never be able to play that club. A great club with a bad shaft for you is actually going to end up being a bad club. If you need to know their shaft, check the shaft in their current clubs that they hit well and google something similar. If you aren’t sure about buying them a new club and want to offer something nice, you can also ask them if you can pay to get their clubs regripped! 



    There are a ton of gift-worthy accessories out there that you can buy your favorite golfer. These are on the cheaper side, and it is certainly hard to go wrong! 



    Desert Fox Golf

    Desert Fox Golf has several great golf accessories that you can purchase for gifts! They have a great golf towel and great tumbler they call Swing Aide, but their bread and butter, one of the best golf gifts out there, is the Desert Fox Phone Caddie. The Phone Caddie is a spectacular accessory that holds your phone on the cart so that it is easy to access and easy to keep the phone close without losing it in a cup holder or the cubbies, which are usually gross. The phone caddie keeps your phone safe, easily accessible, out of your pocket, and safe from the gross cart cubbies that usually have some kind of dirt or old food in them. For $25 it's a great gift to give any golf friend!


    Club Head Covers

    Club head covers are seemingly an afterthought for a lot of people, but I love them! They are really important to have in order to keep your woods, driver, hybrids, and putter safe while you play and travel. They can also be heavily personalized and mean something to the player. Some get dog head covers that look like their dog, or crazy animals that they like, or a favorite course or team-based headcovers that they like to use I would recommend them as a great gift. You can never have too many headcovers to switch around. Just don’t get them something random. Get them something thoughtful, funny, or cool, whatever fits their personality. 


    Golf Hats

    I don’t think much has to be said about this. A golf hat is always a fantastic gift for any golfer. Especially if you know a brand they like and you can add to their hat collection. Travis Matthew has fantastic golf hats you can buy for your golf buddies. 



    Obviously, you probably know your favorite golfer better than I do, but if someone was buying a golf gift for me, this is the guide I would go off of in order to get everything right. 

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