Top 5 Drinks for Golf: Part 3

Top 5 Drinks for Golf: Part 3

By: Nick Bockenfeld, PGA
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The Vodka Edition


There are thousands of great vodka drinks that you can enjoy on the golf course. Most of them are not even named. You just throw something fruity in the cup with some ice, add vodka, maybe some Redbull, and off you go with a great drink. Here are 5 of my favorite vodka drinks to enjoy during a hot summer!


The Vodka Reset

The Vodka reset is another special drink. My good friend Brian Gill calls his drink of choice the vodka reset. If he plays poorly and needs to forget the last hole or two, he orders the vodka reset. The vodka reset is typically just a Vodka Gatorade. You have to rehydrate as you dehydrate with a Vodka Gatorade. This one is simple, easy, and makes sense. Any flavor Gatorade should work, though I prefer the lemon-lime Gatorade for a vodka reset. To each their own. It is just a nice, easy, refreshing drink that you could even sneak in if you were in a situation where you had to! Brian Gill took a shot of Vodka and then did the vodka Gatorade, which was his vodka reset. I remember the first time he did the vodka reset with me; he played terribly, finished the front nine shooting 45, turned to the back, hit the vodka reset, and shot 38 on the front. I don’t know what kind of voodoo magic was in that vodka, but when Bgizzle goes that low, some kind of dark magic is happening.


The Jack Hammer

The Jack Hammer is the Bluejack National specialty drink. They do a frozen and a non-frozen variety. It is undoubtedly one of the best golf drinks out there because it is sneaky. It hits you hard and fast out of nowhere. I was lucky enough to play Bluejack fairly often when I was in college. In fact, one of my few sub-70 rounds is out at Bluejack. I shot a sweet 68 that should have been 64 without three-putting four different times. Bluejack is undoubtedly a special place, and the Jack Hammer is its perfect specialty drink. The Jack Hammer is a grapefruit vodka; you can use any grapefruit vodka, though I prefer it with a grapefruit-infused vodka; it is just as good with Ruby Red Grapefruit vodka. It's just a little weaker that way. Once the vodka is in, you fill it with white cranberry juice almost the rest of the way, then a splash of 7 up (sprite will do in a pinch). The frozen Jack Hammer is all of that, plus Everclear and in slushy form. The frozen Jack Hammer hits you out of nowhere, like a train. 3 of those, and I was speaking cursive out of nowhere.


John Daly

Ah, the John Daly, one of the craziest golfers out there, and we remember him for turning an Arnold Palmer into an alcoholic drink. The John Daly is a classic golf course drink; it's easy to drink, tasty, and refreshing. You take an Arnold Palmer, and you add vodka. For those that don’t know what an Arnold Palmer is, it's just Lemonade and Iced Tea. The John Daly just adds vodka to that mixture, making it a little “dirtier” than the Arnold Palmer. If you haven’t tried this one, I would highly recommend it, especially on a long and hot day; this hits the spot perfectly!


The Blood Transfusion

Member-guest golf tournaments are just a drunk fest of many members and their guests while the member shows off his super cool, badass golf course. These events are some of the most important events of the year for a private course. One of the most popular drinks at this event is The Blood Transfusion. It's excellent for this event because it can cure a hangover thanks to its Ginger ale. A Blood Transfusion is Ginger ale, Vodka, and Grape juice. Once it is mixed together, it looks like a blood transfusion, hence the name. I know that this sounds like a weird combination, but pour it over ice, and it is refreshing, easy to drink, and will have you hitting better shots in no time.


The Azalea

The Azalea is named aptly for the beautiful pink flowers that bloom every April at Augusta National Golf Club. The Azalea has become the unofficial drink of the Masters golf tournament. It's 2 oz. of Vodka, 2 oz. of pineapple juice, 1 oz of lemon juice, and a spoonful of grenadine. This combination works really well over ice and tastes amazing. If you have not yet tried it, you should go give it a shot.



Please Drink Responsibly.

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