Top 7 Gifts for Father’s Day 2022

Top 7 Gifts for Father’s Day 2022

7. Precision Pro Range Finders

I recently switched from using a Bushnell range finder to the Precision Pro R1 Smart rangefinder. I must say that all of their range finders are superb and what you get for the price is out of this world. I personally went with the R1 Smart rangefinder because for $300, it connects to my phone and gives me the front, middle, and back of the green GPS readings; while looking through the scope, then, I can scope the flag and get precisely to the flag as well. However! That is not the only thing they do! Using their GPS App, you can set your club performance numbers from a Trackman or whatever simulator you can get your hands on, and it gives you slope numbers according to how you hit the ball. Things like launch angle and spin matter to choosing the correct club when you are uphill or downhill from a target. It can advise you on what club to use, and it can connect to your range finder and, on the app, show you the distance from the pin after you measure it with the scope. If your dad needs a new range finder, you would be crazy not to buy one from Precision Pro. They also have an excellent speaker you can purchase that connects to their app! The best part is there are various price points and lasers that you can choose from, and the customer service is superb./ Starting on Friday, you can get up to $40 off Precision Pro Rangefinders from June 3rd to June 19th.


Precision Pro Range Finders


6. Vegas Chip Game

The Vegas Chip Golf Game is fun to gamble and play with your friends on the course, especially when you aren’t all scratch golfers. The Vegas Chip game comes with an allotment of poker chips with different situations. They have positive and negative chips, for instance, a par is a positive chip, but a 3-putt is a negative chip. You assign a value to the chips, so one chip is 5 dollars. Once assigned as someone does something on the chips, they have to hold onto the chip. At the end of the round, once you all putt it out, whoever has the negative chips has to pay everyone 5 dollars. Everyone has to pay you 5 dollars if you have a positive chip. So you add up how many chips each person has and do the payouts. This is an enjoyable game, especially for higher handicaps. You don’t need to make birdie to win, but focusing on this game will help you with course management. Start thinking about playing away from trouble, and you will start shooting better scores. This is an entertaining game to play on the course!



The Vegas Chip Game


5. Desert Fox Golf

This one is pretty simple and easy. If you use any technology on the golf course, you probably use your phone or look at it reasonably often; you don’t keep your phone in your bag. Desert Fox Golf provides an incredible cart mount that you can use to hold your phone right in front of you securely. If you listen to music, use GPS apps to help with distance, or keep stats on your phone, the Desert Fox Phone Caddy is the perfect way to keep track of your phone and keep it on your cart! The Phone caddy works perfectly for all iPhones and most android phones; for the price, it just can’t be beaten!


Desert Fox Golf


4. Klockit Golf

Have you ever wanted to hit a ball at home, full swing and everything, but you don’t have a net or a mat set up to start hitting balls? Well, you don’t need the big setup, instead, but a Klockit Golf is a stake that twists into the ground with a ball attached to it! Go ahead and try out this excellent training at home aid! There is no need to go to the driving range; just take a swing, and the ball will stay close to you on the string and twist around the Klock! Paired with a CTRL Swing Master for feedback, you have your feedback set up at home without spending thousands of dollars on a simulator setup!


Klockit Golf


3. Magnolia Lane Apparel

The guys at Magnolia Lane Apparel are golf fanatics and design hip and trendy golf-related apparel. They use the best materials to create their apparel. These guys know golf and have an eye for design around your favorite golfers and some of their best moments. My favorite shirt is the one where Jack raises his putter in the air at The Masters. Moments like that are history emblazoned on a comfortable tee-shirt for you to wear. Another great shirt they have is the respect the game shirt, with Hideki Matsuyama’s Caddie bows to the course after winning the Masters. They also have a shirt with Scottie Scheffler taking a crazy swing on it if you are a fan of Scottie like me. Overall, these shirts make for a perfect easy fathers day gift if your dad loves golf! Check out this link to Magnolia Lane Apparel and see all the incredible apparel!

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Magnolia Lane Apparel


2. Go Gator Gear

Does your father often complain that he doesn’t hit the ball far enough? Well, look no further; GoGatorGear is the best solution. Purchase a GoGatorGear training polo and let your dad work on extending his rotation so that he can hit the ball further. He needs to use the Go Gator Gear Polo training aid to work on Maximizing his rotation to help him hit the ball farther. The Go Gator Gear polo is the best way to chase distance. It's a sweet-looking golf polo with its patented channel designed into it. You slide an alignment stick into the channel, letting you do shoulder turn drills while you have an actual club in your hand. They are the best way to maximize your distance and shoulder rotation. They have specific drills they tell you to use to work on that shoulder turn, and you will gain distance if you use them! Use your Go Gator Gear Polo to maximize your shoulder rotation.


Go Gator Gear


1. Swing Master by CTRL

The CTRL Swing Master is a complete training aid that helps drill-in consistency in every part of your game. They provide full swing feedback on your ideal tempo, clubface, and club path. For me, there is no better way to start a range session than by getting my tempo set right. Whether I'm warming up for a tournament round, a fun round with friends, a round for work, or just getting ready to start a training session, there is no better trainer to help you swing your best swing. CTRL believes everyone has their idea swing, and they should practice that. CTRL disagrees instead of telling you that your ideal tempo needs to be a 3:1 ratio backswing to downswing. They believe everyone has their unique ideal tempo and capture it as you set up your baseline model. To use CTRL, you slide on the sleeve, pop in your sensors, connect to their state-of-the-art phone app and create a model. Once the model is created, you take swings and tell the app where the ball went and whether it was an ideal shot. After ten good shots, you exit a training session and start hitting balls while the app gives you clubface feedback, club path feedback, and tempo feedback on every single shot. My favorite part is the metronome that is set to your ideal tempo. You can match that, and your feedback will be perfect!

CTRL Swing Master




If your dad is a golfer, these are the absolute best things you can get for him; whether he plays golf and wants to get better, or just loves the sports and wants some fun golf swag, these are the things to purchase for him! Whether he needs a new game to play on the course, needs to maximize his distance, or just needs to get out and work on his swing, the things on this list will help!

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